Friday, September 9, 2011

I do solemnly pledge...

I do solemnly pledge to be faithful to Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale, the ambrosia of ales and the emissary of Nova Scotia good times as long as I am able to lift glass aloft. Slainte mhath.

It was a hot, hungover, Tall Ship, June 2007 day in Toronto. Two friends and I were going in for a pint to quell last night's repercussions when we bumped into 4 lovely gentlemen visiting Toronto. The were originally from Halifax, so the Keith's started
flowing. None of them currently lived in Halifax, but were scattered around Canada, meeting up for yearly trip to Toronto.

That brings us to this post. Halifax, 2009, my second trip back to the Lower Deck, a year after meeting these lovely men. Have you ever visited a city where via one text, you have a dozen friends to take you out and show you the best of the town? I have. Sociables, my Haligonians.

A trip to Halifax wouldn't have been right without visiting Alexander Keith's grave site. It was memorable and followed up by the Lower Deck; a bar where the servers walk around with trays full of pints that don't last very long. How can a bar pre-pour pints and keep selling out minutes later you ask? No one orders anything other than Keith's IPA there.

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