Friday, October 21, 2011

Fullers - The Cask Ale Full of -ers

It's light-er, malti-er, and loveli-er than most cask ale's I've had in my day, and I love that the Duke of Richmond has it on tap.

Fuller's London Pride is one of my favourite "sipping" beers, because it's not a sipper at all.  It's because the darker colour makes me immediately think that it's a heavy beer, but upon the first couple of sips, you realize that it's actually the kind of beer that you can knock back quite a few of without even noticing.

To be honest, I feel like it has a rosy after-taste that I can't get over; it's just so delightful.

I started drinking London Pride before I took my trip over to England because I wanted to train myself for the supposed warm ales I would be drinking over there.  Since then, I'll dabble in this award winning cask ale on cooler nights like last night, to warm up and dream of my travels in England.

This is also a good segway to Toronto's Cask Beer Festival: Cask Days that I'm attending this month... can't wait!