Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If I pronounce this right, do I get a prize?

September 2011 - Toronto: Against the Grain Urban Tavern - Duchy Organic Old Ruby Ale

Duchy has an extremely interesting background story that I recommend checking out. They aren't a brewery... they're an organic food producing company started by Prince Charles. It's technically brewed by Wychwood Brewing Co - the brewco that makes Hobgoblin (not a fan).

This UK ale is the first I order every time I go to Against the Grain. It's one of their more expensive bottles, but definitely worth it. It's ruby in colour but doesn't have the heavy taste that most ambers or reds that I've had have. It's 5% which keeps it extremely drinkable, and by drinkable I mean I can have 12 and not be sick of them.

This ale started me off to two very interesting stories..

The first time I had this ale I gave my contact information to a lovely gentleman with whom I'd been getting along with quite well that evening at the restaurant. I'd forgotten that my hand writing looks like the cut out magazine lettering in a ransom note after a few brews.

The second time I had this ale, a good friend called asking for me to join her at another pub. Turns out fate had interjected and she bumped into her newly-made ex on exactly 365 days after they had first met. Ahhh anniversaries for the warm-hearted.

Considering my search for the meaning of life, love, and sports enlightenment, the 'love' aspect seems to be thwarted when I drink this ale.

Duchy, thanks for keeping it interesting for me.

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