Friday, October 28, 2011

The Best Coleslaw I've Ever Had

Bar none, BarVolo serves the best coleslaw I've had in my entire life; and being Polish means I know my coleslaw.

Oh.. they serve beer too.

My first time at BarVolo was a fantastic success.  I went in for the Fuller's Cask Ale event and tried four new Fuller's ales - all of which were unbelievable.. Unbelievable! Four new beers for me, and all unbelievable... great night.

Back to the beer.

I've had the London Porter and Extra Special Bitter at the Duke of York a couple of years back, so tonight I tried the other four.

The Chiswick Bitter was one of the most euphoric beverages I've ever graced my tongue with.  At 3.5% you can tell that it's light, but wow... it's highly recommended if you ever want to feel like you're sitting on a pink and purple fluffy cloud in the middle of a lilac-filled meadow.

Next up was the 5% Bengal Lancer.  I liked it.  As with most cask ale's I've tried, it has this amazing clean taste.  Definitely one of the cleanest, crisp, smooth IPA's I've had the pleasure of.

Third was the Red Fox.  Have you ever had a sip of something and thought - they should make cheesecake out of this?  Yea.

Lastly I had the Front Row.  It's super light, 3.7%, and lightly floral.  Again, really enjoyed it.

My favourite from the 6 shown in the photo is definitely the Chiswick Bitter.  What can I say, I like that pink, fluffy feeling.

Now, back to the coleslaw for a minute.  Do you remember when KFC used to sell a salad called "Mixed"?  It must have been about 15-20 years ago before they stopped selling it.  It was my favourite thing in the world of food.  And in no way am I degrading BarVolo's coleslaw by comparing it to a KFC dish; TRY BARVOLO'S COLESLAW.  You'll end up going back for it. Trust me.

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